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Entroware is a UK based Linux computer manufacturer, founded in early 2014, providing a range of quality Linux computers focused on a complete “out of the box” Linux experience, with a heavy focus on hardware compatibility. Entroware are offering the option to purchase their entire range of computers with Ubuntu MATE pre-installed including full support.

Entroware Laptops


Starting at £329.99

With Intel’s 6th Generation Processors at the heart of every Triton, embrace the luxury of reliable hardware built for Linux at an affordable price. Switching to a modern Ubuntu laptop has never been easier. Whether you need a fully featured Linux platform or just need a modern replacement for an outdated machine, become a leader in your field with Triton. When productivity is of utmost importance, having a full number pad can help to streamline your workflow. Ideal for students and businesses for performing quick calculations and working with spreadsheets.


Starting at £514.99

The Entroware Aether is powered by Intel’s latest generation of processors, ensuring maximum performance and energy efficiency. Configure yours today with the choice of a Core i3, i5, or i7. Accelerate your system with an additional M.2 SSD With an optional blazing fast M2 SSD, Entroware will install the operating system to this drive for lightning fast boot ups and application start-ups, so you can get the best out of your Ubuntu laptop.


Starting at £529.99

With a beautiful HD IPS screen as standard at the popular 14”, enjoy clarity and portability without worrying about glare and reflections. Become a true Linux advocate with Orion. Experience Intel’s latest Kaby Lake processors with Orion. Whether you need the low power consumption of a Core i3 or the sheer power of a Core i7, your Orion is whatever you make it. With an optional blazing fast M2 SSD, Entroware will install the operating system to this drive for lightning fast boot ups and application start-ups, so you can get the best out of your Ubuntu laptop.


Starting at £699.99

Each Kratos is powered by Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake processors. Future-proofing your Linux setup has never been easier. With incredible upgrade options, Kratos can be customised to your needs, whether that be a mid range, stylish machine or high end Linux laptop to propel you to the next level. With switchable Nvidia and Intel graphics as standard, you can choose to activate the Nvidia chip for that extra boost in graphics intensive applications or conserve battery life with the Intel graphics.


Starting at £799.99

Powered by 6th Generation Skylake processors, the Proteus model is perfect for high performance computing, whilst maintaining energy efficiency and battery life. Proteus packs a punch with Intel Core i7 options and Nvidia graphics. Housed in an elegant and portable chassis, never compromise between power and portability. The 14” 1080p display is perfect for when attention to detail is of paramount importance. Every Proteus is installed with a matte IPS panel, meaning reduced reflections and improved clarity. With a backlit keyboard as standard, Proteus can work with you in any lighting and excel in at its duties, helping you to accomplish more with your Linux laptop.


Starting at £1064.99

Each Athena is powered by lightning fast 6th Generation Intel Skylake processors, for people who are serious about raw power. As our flagship Ubuntu laptop, Athena delivers the very best in stylish portable Linux computing. Entroware recommends Athena for computationally intensive applications and playing through your Linux Steam library. Athena can be configured with enormous storage options, including 2 x SATA drives and 2 x M2 drives, for when you need blazing fast access speeds. Entroware will install the operating system to the fastest drive. Athena comes with a backlit keyboard installed as standard, meaning you can work and play in any lighting conditions, helping you to accomplish more with your Ubuntu laptop.

Entroware Desktops & Servers


Starting at £349.99

The Nyx is the perfect Ubuntu computer for students and developers who require a solid Linux platform on a budget. Nyx is also ideal for businesses who want to migrate their workforce over to Linux. Housed in an elegant and minimalist case, performance and looks have never come at a better price. With our wide range of upgrade options, Nyx can be configured to meet the needs of you and your business.


Starting at £749.99

When it comes to extreme Linux desktops, Poseidon dominates the competition. Entroware recommends this model for the most meticulous Ubuntu and Ubuntu MATE users, where every frame and pixel counts on multi monitor setups. We also recommend Poseidon for computationally intensive data processing, modelling and other high performance computing applications. Poseidon can be configured to meet the needs of you and your business, with our extensive range of upgrade options.


Starting at £799.99

The Nucleus is designed with reliability and redundancy in mind. With up to 32GB ECC memory, 16TB storage, FreeNAS provided on an internal SATA DOM and an 8 core CPU capable of saturating both gigabit ports, Nucleus should be at the core of every serious home network. Nucleus is a perfect data repository for people who want to run their own network services from home.

Embroidered Shirts

HELLOTUX is the family business of Gábor Kum, a Linux system administrator, software developer and Linux user since 1999. HELLOTUX started making their Linux shirts in 2002 and carefully embroider every shirt individually using a programmable embroidery machine, all powered by Linux. HELLOTUX is an international store that delivers worldwide.

Ubuntu MATE Polo - Front
Ubuntu MATE Polo - Front
Ubuntu MATE Polo - Back
Ubuntu MATE Polo - Back
Ubuntu MATE Jacket
Ubuntu MATE Jacket - Black
Ubuntu MATE Hoodie
Ubuntu MATE Hoodie - Black/Grey
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Front
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Front
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Back
Ubuntu MATE T-Shirt - Back

Stickers and Badges

unixstickers.com, give your case the identity it deserves! Our stickers are made from a sheet of printed vinyl, covered by a layer of top quality transparent film to protect the ink and improve durability and beauty, then finely cut to follow the shape we want. unixstickers.com is an international store that delivers worldwide.

Ubuntu MATE - Badge
Ubuntu MATE - Badge
Ubuntu MATE - Pin
Ubuntu MATE - Pin
Ubuntu MATE - Keyboard
Ubuntu MATE - Keyboard
Ubuntu MATE - Shaped
Ubuntu MATE - Shapes


OSDisc.com is a leading source for Linux DVDs and USBs. Purchase ready-to-use bootable DVDs and memory sticks that come pre-installed with Ubuntu MATE and have persistent storage.

* Persistent storage is only available on USB sticks that are 32GB or larger

HELLOTUX sell an Ubuntu MATE branded 8GB Metallic Unibody USB stick that is just 41 mm long and less than 5 mm thick. It’s the perfect flash drive for your key ring, always with you. HELLOTUX will also help you to upgrade your flash drive to the next version of Ubuntu MATE, absolutely free.


Ubuntu MATE has two shops for apparel, one based in Europe and one based in the Americas. Both shops deliver worldwide and stock the same items.

If you are located in Africa, Asia, Middle East or Ocenia you may want to check both stores to see which offer the most favourable shipping costs to your location.

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Ubuntu MATE European apparel store
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Ubuntu MATE Americas apparel store